Contact Cotorrea To Display Your Videos

Please be aware that this is a PAID SERVICE! - FREE FOR NOW - and it works like this!

The cost is U.S. $3.50 Dollars a month, it includes:

- 50 videos** allowed*

- 75MB file size upload only! (for now)

- Embed videos (Iframe)

- Create playlist

- Description (600 characters including HTML code for banner) and a clickable Banner (234 x 60) 

- Extra: A video can be featured on slider for an additional charge

** We approved all videos, description, banner! Absolutely NO porno and NO to              whatever we say NO to!

* Price doubles for the next 50 videos.

Note: When payment received you will send an e-mail to confirm so you can login, is that simple!

Paypal payments checkout!

Note 2: If you are interested then register!  But if you have any question before it, Please fill the form below!

Okay! So you are thinking of joining but wondering, well just navigate our site; browse members that have a playlist (browseshopbuy) then visit it's site to view the embedded video so you can tell that all works fine here! Thank you.


If you decide to register with us, this is the steps to make it happen:


1- Fill registration form

2- You will get an E-mail to activate your account (Can't log in  yet)

3- Make subscription payment

4- Upon payment confirmed*** by administration, you will get an E-mail to let you know that can log in and start uploading your Videos.


***It will take a few minutes for us to get it confirmed by Paypal



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