YIKODA 21V Lithium Battery Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver Battery


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Warm prompt:

1. Charge the battery at a temperature of 10 degrees -40 degrees, when the temperature is below 10 degrees will cause charging abundance and dangerous. The battery can not be charged in temperatures above 40 degrees, the most suitable temperature is 20-25 degrees charging.

2. Do not use the charger continuously when fully charged one time after power, have to wait about 15 minutes before the second electrical charge.

3. The charging time is not more than two hours, about 1 hour battery can be charged, one hour after going to stop charging, unplug the charger socket on the power plug.

4. Do not let debris into the rechargeable battery connector.

5. Do not remove the rechargeable battery and charger.

6. Must not let rechargeable battery short circuit.Short-circuit the battery will cause a large current and heat will burn batteries.

7. Do not dispose of batteries in fire, batteries heat will explode.

8. Do not use the battery completely runs out, otherwise it will damage the charger.

Tips: The product model of our store battery, if there are other product requirements, please contact customer service, thank you!

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